"I highly recommend Raphaela as a professional organizer. We have conquered a chaotic office, attic, and two basements together. Not only can she organize and clear an area, but she is thoughtful about where unwanted items are going. She is very professional, friendly and will keep you on track during the challenging task of untangling your life."

Rachel M.

"I hired Raphaela to help me organize my storage bin. It was overstuffed and a mess. It was also full of emotional items that belonged to my mom, and I just couldn't get the job done on my own. Raphaela was absolutely wonderful to work with. Shey calmed me down, made a fame plan and got the job done. It is a huge weIght off of my shoulders! I can't recommend them highly enough."

Ashley T.

“The thought of having someone come to my home and organize our intimate spaces was kind of new for me. However, Raphaela made me feel comfortable and less overwhelmed reorganizing my closets, storage areas, etc. She was on time, communicated well, and set realistic expectations for the end product that her company Actiive Organized would provide. It was a great experience and I would not hesitate to refer her!!”

Catherine C.