Our Testimonial

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Tammy B.

Raphaela did a great job. I moved across the country from San Francisco where we lived in a 3,000 sq ft home to a 450 sq ft studio in New Hampshire.

It was totally overwhelming.

I’m so happy I could find her to help me make sense of the mess and organize in a smart way.

I would hire her again.

She was super nice and professional.

Christina B.

Raphaela has been fantastic to work with and does great work. She is very professional and takes great pride in her work. I was originally only going to do 2 areas but I have hired her to take on other rooms!

I highly recommend Actiive Organized and look forward to having her back to work on more areas of the house.

Kim N.

Raphaela is a pleasure to work with. She works very hard, is sensitive to your need to keep things (or let them go ), and has some great ideas to keep you organized going forward.

She also will take things to donate, shop for your organizational supplies and return things you decide not to keep.

The effect on your outlook and emotional well being is palpable as you release clutter and let things go that no longer serve you.

I highly recommend her services and look forward to having her back to work on more areas of the house.

Nila A.

Raphaela came a couple months ago and converted our utility room to an art room for our pre-teen.

The kid uses that inviting space daily and Raphaela did a great job creating it with input from an 11 year old.
She also put all our tools and camping gear and in an organized fashion. Yesterday I was able to find a washer I needed to hang up the new mailbox in one of the tool organizers she brought.