Hey! I'm Raphaela, Professional Organizer! Nice to meet you!

A woman who's living abroad loves to go on the road, and hopes to inspire a world of living with a purpose!

A little bit about me...

I grew interested in organizing at a very young age, and I had never known that it would be a big part of my life. Fast forward to 2015 I got graduated in Advertisement and Marketing and started to work in big Advertising companies as a Social Media Analyst. But I knew I was ready for something different, so I moved to the United States with the motivation to teach myself how to get out of my comfort zone and learn the art of living with less. During this time I worked as a nanny. Being a nanny brought up to me positive shifts from living intentionally + witnessed how life-changing it is for others. I knew I was in training for something bigger and more fulfilling for me. Living abroad made me more independent, more confident, more open-minded, more humbled, and much more spiritually connected to the divine energies in all of us.

When I and my fiancé moved out together I started to work on my system to keep my home beauty organized and functional that was when I got one of the many unexpected lessons I learned is how much I care about curating my own home.

I launched Actiive Organized at the beginning of 2021 with the hopes of fusing my love for helping others with my passion for organizing.

My wish is to simply share that with you. To help you recover a sense of peace and relaxation when you walk into your home.

Thank you for the ongoing support, and for being a reader of my blog!