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Hi, I'm Raphaela, the founder of ACTIIVE ORGANIZED.

I grow up with a passion for organizing my dolls and crayons, keeping my bedroom very neat every single day, I realized the power of organization very early. I'm born and raised in Brazil, I moved to Massachusetts in 2018.

When I and my fiancé moved out together I started to work on my system to keep my home beauty organized and functional. I got interested in learning more about the Professional Organizer business.

Out of this came the idea for ACTIIVE ORGANIZED to help individuals and families simplify their lives.

I help you to create a sense of home with an organization that will give you peace of mind.


I’m a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals and Certified Professional Organizer by Katherine Lawrence.

I look forward to helping you get organized and simplify your life.

Happy Organizing!

Image by Alvin Engler

Actiive Process

Step 1


Together we will go through your items and with a goal to keep only what you need, use or love.

Step 2


All items will get sorted into their respective categories. This allows us to see how much of what items you own and brainstorm a custom plan with zones.

Step 3


This is where the magic happens. We will take the custom plan for your space and put it into action, implementing organizing

products and labeling.